Family Eye Care and Contact Lenses

Beatty Eyes Optometry of Missoula, Montana is proud to offer comprehensive eye services to the entire family! We offer routine eye exams for children, adults, and seniors to diagnose and treat vision problems such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, as well as medical eye exams to diagnose and treat ocular diseases. We also offer specialized pediatric optometry services to aid in the development of your child’s eyes and vision. In addition to routine, medical, and pediatric eye exams, Beatty Eyes Optometry also provides exams and prescriptions for contact lenses, as well as their distribution to patients.

Did You Know?

The purchase of all contact lenses requires an eye exam and prescription from a qualified eye care professional. This is the same for prescription and “non-prescription” cosmetic contact lenses. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do I need to visit Beatty Eyes Optometry for a contact lens exam and prescription?

Your contact lens prescription will be valid for one year, then it will expire. This is because your eyes can change over time and wearing the same contact lenses can cause sight-threatening eye problems. For this reason, it is legally required that you received an eye exam and current prescription for your contact lenses at least once a year. Even if you feel that your current contacts are working, it is important that you have your eyes examined annually to check for microscopic problems. 

What can I expect during a family contact lens consultation at Beatty Eyes Optometry?

At Beatty Eyes Optometry, all contact lens exams are performed directly following your comprehensive eye exam. While a comprehensive eye exam is intended to examine your eye health and vision, a contact lens examination focuses on the type of contact lenses needed for your eyes. During a contact lens examination, Dr. Beatty will first measure the outer surface of your eye to determine what size and type of lenses are needed. You may also get a trial pair of contacts to wear. She may also perform a tear film evaluation to ensure your body produces enough tears to comfortably wear contact lenses. Since contact lenses sit directly on the surface of your eye, these prescriptions are different than those used for glasses. 

How will I need to care for my contact lenses?

To prevent your eyes from becoming infected, it is important to clean, disinfect, and store your contact lenses properly. Dr. Beatty will provide you instructions on how to care for your particular type of contact lenses. Generally speaking, you will need to store your contact lenses in lens cleaning solution when they are not in your eyes. You will also need to keep your contact lens case clean by rinsing it with the lens cleaning solution. Never rinse your contacts or contact case with water. It is also important to avoid getting water in your eyes while wearing contact lenses.